Cremations and Burial Services

Give your loved ones the send off they deserve with our cremations and burial services.


Direct Cremation

Our most straightforward service: fast and simple, leaving you the space to mourn in your own time.  more  

Simple Cremation

Covering the basics of a cremation service in a cost-effective way, say goodbye to your loved one with this service.  more  

Traditional Cremation

Honouring the traditions and hallmarks of a classic cremation, take your loved one on their final journey with dignity.  more  

Direct Burial

Inter the deceased quickly, avoiding the need for a service, procession or any extras that you don’t perceive necessary.  more  

Simple Burial

Lay the deceased to rest with dignity, in a cost-effective manner. Have the space to say goodbye while keeping the process simple and without ostentation.  more  

Traditional Burial

The most classical form of burial that we offer, commit your loved one to the earth with dignity and reverence.  more